Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh No! No more Conditioner!

so i did a post a little bit ago about how when i use conditioner, i tend to loose little clumps of hair from any unsealed ends i may have. also, some of the very tips of my locs have weak points. i don't know why, and they were breaking off there. it didn't use to bother me. and i didn't use conditioner all that often. but i went through a period where i sorta neglected my hair and i didn't wash it for a bit and it was dry and dull and feeling like hay. so for the past two months, i've been using a conditioner every time i wash. plus a leave in conditioner. well, my hair is falling apart!!! well, not literally, but those tinly little clumps that i was talking about? well, they multiplied by 10! and i had a lot of puffiness along the shaft of some of my locs. i mean, it got kinda concerning! so i've stopped using the conditioner for now. i wash, oil, and just use my leave in, which right now is a mixture of water, the extreme shine leave in treatment i talked about here, some left over mane and tail leave in i had, and a dallop of the JML cactus leave in. i just washed my hair last night and so far, no hair clumps falling out. we'll see how this goes.

its just such a pain in the butt cause now i'll have all this conditioner but no shampoo! i rarely buy the same shampoo twice. so when i do but a shampoo, i buy the matching conditioner so i can use both together cause i've been told that that's the best way to do it. dr. camille, loc extraordinaire, said that its best to use the matching conditioner cause they've been made to chemically balance each other out and you'll get the best results that way. oh well. my boyfriend shaved his head, so he doesn't use conditioner (or shampoo, for that matter!). they don't expire, right?