Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm going through that funky period again!

i hate my hair!!!! yeah, i'm going through "that" period again. it seems every few months or so since my hair has gotten past shoulder lenth, i go through this funky few days where i really don't like my hair. i've never in my life has my hair this long before. i really don't think i'm a long hair type of girl. but i'm really curious to see how long my hair will get. but now the weather is getting to be hot again and i'm starting to experience that "wool blanket" feeling with my hair on my neck, and that makes me start to think again about cuttting it. i'm wearing it in ponytails almost every day, and that alright. but, my problem is i always make them loose-ish cause i get headaches really easily. and so sometimes the pontyails come out looking CRAZY! well, at least to me. i'm sure other people aren't as critical of my hair as i am. but you know how it is, if you don't feel inside that you're looking cute on a particular day, you feel kinda yucky and self consious about your appearance the whole day. and i'm going to the gym again with one of my friends, so i'm washing much more often, so my hair in more frizzy and doesn't look as neat. and you all know that the hairline is the most important part to keep neat for a groomed appearance. so i've been trying to wear some headbands, cause that helps disguise the messy hairline, but that gives me headaches too. the only time i'm happy, even when my hair looks messy, is when its in a braid out, but it takes time and effort to braid my entire head up and then i have to wear the braids around for a day until my hair dries. that was cool when i was washing every couple of weeks. sitting for an hour to braid and band all my locs wasn't a big deal. but now that i'm washing 2 and 3 times a week (cause of the gym thing), i don't have two to three hours a week to devote to braiding and banding! thats crazy! but i'm gonna have to figure out something, or else i'm never gonna be happy. geesh. i can be such a finicky, whiny person sometimes!! i thnk i'm just really missing the red hair right now. i'm not really 100% loving this more muted color. there. i said it. i'm not completely happy with this color. i tried to talk myself into it, cause i saw how damaged my hair was getting with the color, but i MISS it! i'm not happy! okay. its almost 3 in the morning. i'm going to go to bed and stop this ranting and raving!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yet another Youtube video

yeah, i did another one. i was playing around with the movie maker and i wanted to see if i could do a movie with music in the backround. this one is of some of the hairstyles i've had over the years

My sister and I did a video together!

so my sis REALLY wanted to do a video together, so we did one. this one just talks about why we went natural and what it means to us.