Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Big Chop!!!!! (vid at the end)

well, kinda a big chop. i cut my hair!!!! i ended up cutting off about 12 inches of hair!!! yay me!!!! i know i've been talking about doing it for about 2 years now and saying i was gonna do it but it never happened. well, it was just getting so long and heavy. i get a lot of headaches and migraines and i think the weight of my hair was making them worse. and recently, over the past few months, i've been getting all sorts of things in my hair! deodorant, toothpaste, food. when i was eating, i even got the cheese stuffing from a jalapeno popper in my hair! NASTY!!! so i was keeping it pulled back in ponytails all the time, and whats the point of that?

then i got sick with the flu. why is that important, you ask? well, my Dr put me on Tamiflu-

wait. let me take a break here to tell you some of the side effects of this drug: increased risk of self injury, insomnia, delirium, including symptoms such as altered level of consciousness, confusion, abnormal behavior, delusions, hallucinations, agitation, anxiety, nightmares. WHAT?!?!?!?!

well, i was taking this poisonous drug and i had a dream that my hair was killing my. i just KNEW that if i cut it off, i would get better. and i FELT it so vividly on my head. i was obsessed with getting rid of all of my hair! the only thing that stopped my was that my office is two doors down from my bedroom and i was so sick i was bedridden. there was no way i could make if all the way to my office and then back to the bedroom. i was soooooo weak. my fiancee said i was laying half awake in a daze after waking up from this nightmare and i was just chanting "i have to get it off me" over and over. he was a little freaked out to say the least. and i was only on this drug for a day and a half! i only took 3 pills! poison.

anyways, that was on Wednesday, and i was feeling more in my right mind by Friday, but i was still kinda shook by the dream. plus, my hair really was in the way. i couldn't sleep with my hair tam on cause it gave me a headache. so my hair was just loose on the pillow. it was all over the place. and it was getting dry and hard and frizzy from constantly rubbing on the cotton. then i started vomiting and i got vomit in my hair. YUUUUUUCK! but i was still too sick to stand upright in the shower for any period of time and wash it, so i just ended up kinda wiping it off with a wet cloth. so i was still determined to cut it all off.
so i was talking with my sister about it and she was like, "are you SURE you want to cut it all off or is that still the Tamiflu talking? how about we just cut it shorter and see how that feels and look and then, if you want we cam cut it all off or unravel it later." well, it was actually a longer conversation than that (it took a few days for her to convince me, actually! LOL), but that's the gist of it. so i went over to her house the following Monday, my first day out of the house since i had gotten sick besides the trips to the ER and my Dr.'s office, and she cut it!
her inspiration was how Whoopi's hair looks on the View. apparently Whoopi has a newish bob-like hairstyle and my sister had happened to see The View for the first time ever a few days prior and she saw Whoopi's hair and thought of me. see, it was providence! why would my sister randomly decide to watch a daytime talk show when she never has before?! all the stars were aligning to tell me its was time to cut my hair! LOL
it was really easy. she just laid my hair so the hair in front of my ears was draped over my shoulders and the hair behind my ears hung down my back and then she commenced to cutting! she cut straight across one loc at a time. we tried a few slanted cuts, which is suppose to look better and help keep ur hair from unraveling, but i didn't really see a difference and it was quicker to just cut it across. i was still a little weak from the flu and experiencing major dizziness and nausea and i didn't want to sit up too long.
this is getting really long, so i'll just post the vid so y'all can see the new hair!

Tried Palmrolling the Front Again...

wow! its been awhile since i last wrote! i've been sooo busy. i was unemployed for about 4 months (i know i said i found a job in my July post, but that didn't end up working out :-/ but the good thing is this new job i found pays a dollar more! yay!)and i was job searching hard core while still going to school online full time. then i found a job and i started work in September but i had to take additional courses for my job in addition to my full time school and work! my plate was FULL!
but, a lot has been going on in my world in regards to my hair! i'll save the biggest news for my next post, but one big thing is i started palm rolling the front of my hair again. not all the time, just in between latchings. i'm trying not to latch the front as much because i don't want to cause stress on the delicate front hairline. i've never had problems with my hairline before, but i figured it was best to just go easy on it. i don't know why. probably cause i was hearing a lot of people talk about their hairlines recently and it got me thinking about mine. i did a YouTube vid on it.

you have to go over to Youtube to see the vid, i don't allow embedding anymore, sorry! i was finding my vids posted all over the place! sometimes in places i wouldn't necessarily want them to be...

but then i remember why i hated doing that! a line of dirt in my hair where the loced part ended and the loose hair started! i was sooooo disgusted! i don't know why i get that! i use the tiniest amount of gel! you can see that in the video! and its clear gel! i don't understand it. unless its not the gel and its something else. i don't know! its not on all the locs, just like maybe less then ten. but its a very visible (to me) line if dirt. almost like when you were a kid and you wore a ponytail for too long and then when you took the rubber band out of your hair, there was that line of dirt where it was. i had to use a toothbrush and wet it and scrub the line out. i went back and forth and then up and down. by the time i was through, my hair was a frizzy, puffy mess! but the VISIBLE dirt line was gone. who knows whats going on inside the core of the loc where i can't see.
ugh! there's more i want to say about the palm rolling the front, but i don't want to give away my big surprise i'm gonna put it in a separate post! so i think i'll just end this one here. i know it doesn't really make any difference since the newest post will show up before this post, but humor me, okay! LOL