Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting ready for the Wedding

my sister is getting married in less than a month. so i'm trying not to latch my hair. cause when i latch a good chunk of new growth at one time, it comes out looking smoother and neater as opposed to when i latch just a half an or so of new growth. but its hard!!! i feel like an inch or more of unloced hair at my scalp and i want to just play with it and poke my finger through it. my hair feels so soft at my scalp. i don't remember my natural hair being that soft. but then again, how long has it been since i've seen and felt my natural hair? there was that short period when i was transitioning from the perm to the natural, but that was only like a month or so, then i got the yarn to start my locs.

anyways, i've joined the gym...AGAIN!!! this time with some friends. so i have a partener now, lets see if this works any better for me. so now i'm getting all sweaty at least twice a week (i'm aiming for three days a week, but we gotta start out small. baby steps, y'all!) so i'm not oiling my hair cause i think its nasty to add oil over a dirty sweaty scalp, even though its the next day or even two days later. so i have a dry, itchy scalp. and so i have to wash my hair more often. i was doing once a week, but i think i'm gonna have to up it to twice a week, i tried to just do a water rinse, so i'm not drying my scalp out as much with the shampoo. i couldn't do it! i had to throw some shampoo in there. i didn't feel clean! so we'll see how this more washing goes. i love the feel of fresh clean hair and walking around with my hair damp as i let it air dry. but i shower at night, so i end up going to bed with wet hair and then i have to sleep with a towel over my pillow to keep it from getting too wet. its a little bit of a pain. maybe i'll figure out something later.

i made another yuotube video. but it came out all pixilated. i'm probably gonna delete it and do it over whenever i get a new camera. i actually made two videos, but the second one was SOOOO bad, i had to delete it on the spot! the second video was of me doing the hairstyle that i'm gonna use at my sisters wedding. no hairbands, no pins!

on another note, i have been experiencing some scalp soreness/tenderness. i'm not sure whats the cause of that. i almost feel like if i latched, the tenderness would go away. i don't know. we'll see what happens with that.