Sunday, February 22, 2009

Curly Ends

i've heard a lot of people recently voice concerns about their curly ends. well, some people. some people love it and keep their ends unlocked and curly on purpose. its a pretty look. but other people have concerns about it. well, i just wanted to say, relax. i've had locs for 6 years. my hair is grade 4b/4c. so, basically, i have the kinkiest, "nappiest" grade of hair there is...and i still have curly, unlocked ends! not on all my locs, mind you. just about ten to fifteen of them. its really apparent when i use a conditioner in my hair. i have one right in the middle of my head that has a good three inches of unlocked hair at the tip. and most of the ends make little curly-q's. but some are just puffs of hair. i've been twisting them around my fingers to try to get them to at least make a little curly-q, and it seems to be working so far. but my point is, it's perfectly normal.
i also tend to lose little, tiny clumps of hair from these unlocked, unsealed ends. again, more so when i use a conditioner. but that doesn't really worry me either. i know its just the shed hair that was trapped in the loc for so long that's falling out.
but if you're one of the people who is really worried about this and it bothers you, then there is a video on youtube by prettyboishai. she shows you how to use a crochet hook to make the ends of your locs round, and in the process, you tie up those loose curly ends. its a really helpful vid.